1-      This beautiful child born in squalor and poverty, uneducated in both grammar and manners- bad give me a glimpse of the warm soul of India.

2-      The people I saw in India- those in the village as well as those in high office-have both pride and a lively sense of decency and citizenship. They also have a passion for independence. This beautiful child- born in squalor and poverty, uneducated in both grammar and manners had given me a glimpse of the warm soul of India.

3-      What forced the writer to buy the little girls basket?

4-      Who were these children selling basket?

5-      Why did millions of people leave Pakistan for India?

6-      Why did the children descend like locust on the author?

7-      Why did the girl not accept money as charity?

8-      There were refugee children, when partition between India and Pakistan was decreed, hundreds of thousands of people residence nine million people left Pakistan and came to India driven by fear of religious fanaticism?

9-      The most diligent aggressive vendor was a beautiful girl of nine right in front of me. She had a lovely basket with handle; and she wanted a rupee and a half for it or about thirty cents. She was an earnest pleader. There were tears in her eyes. She pleaded and begged in tones that would wring any heart.

10-   There is a pleasant sense of free don about being alone in carriage that is jolting noisily through the night. It is liberty and unrestraint in a very agreeable from. You can anything you like.

11-   Magnanimity has its limits’ who said this and why?

12-   Why does the author decide to be merciful to the mosquito?

13-   Why did the writer decide to punish the fellow travel?

14-   Why did the teacher cane phatic unmercifully?

15-   What happed to the boy phatic after he come from the village to the city of Calcutta?

16-   But what is there specific about the kind of education imparted in the institutions of our country? We have heard that the chief purpose of education is not merely the acquiring of skill or information but the initiation into a higher life. Initiation into world which transcends the word of space and time, though the letter informs and animates the former?

17-   Therefore, it is essential that the education which you acquire in these institutions child give you not merely learning and skill but endow you with a definite purpose in life. What that purpose is, you have to define for yourselves.

18-   What kind of woman does society need today?

19-   What according to Dr S Radhakrishan are the three important qualities of a valuable life?

20-   What constitutes the essence of the good life?

21-   What kind of education does Dr. Radhakrishan recommend and why?

22-   Politically and economically India faces many problems of great difficulty and no one can forecast her future with any certainty. But it is safe to predict that, whatever the future many be, the Indian of coming generation will not be unconvincing and self-conscious copies of Europeans but will be men rooted in their traditions and aware of the continuity of their culture?

23-   What does the heritage of India consist of?

24-   What made Sanku decide that had no other choice but to steal the watch?

25-   What thoughts troubled Sanku after committing the left?

26-   Why did Sanku Curse himself?

27-   Give a character sketch of Sanku.

28-   Why did Sanku not get any sleep for several days?

29-   What time of the day did Sanku think was the most suitable for stealing the gold watch and why?

30-   Why did Sanku put the watch on the table?

31-   Why did Sanku steal the Watch?

32-   What was the astrologer’s advice to the stranger?

33-   How could the astrologer get rid of the stranger?

34-   Why did the astrologer leave his village?

35-   What was the condition of the child when he lost his parents?

36-   This man is free from servile bands of hope to rise, or fear to fallboards of himself, though not of lands; and having nothing, he hath all.

37-   Out of the day and night a joy has taken flight; fresh spring, and summer, and winter hoar move my faint heart with grift, move my faint heart with great, but with delight No more-oh never more!

38-   Central idea (character of A Happy Life, on His Blindness, A Lament, My Heaven)

39-   Define and give example of any one of the following. (Simile- it is a comparison between two different object heaving at least one point in common. The comparison is expressed though word-like, so and as.)

40-   Essay Writing (problem of Pollution, the Lesson from the lives of great men, is life for us better than it was for our forefathers, importance of computer in our life, )